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Violet light suppresses lens-induced myopia via neuropsin (OPN5) in mice
Violet-light suppression of thermogenesis by opsin 5 hypothalamic neurons
Adaptive Thermogenesis in Mice Is Enhanced by Opsin 3-Dependent Adipocyte Light Sensing
Neuropsin (OPN5) Mediates Local Light-Dependent Induction of Circadian Clock Genes and Circadian Photoentrainment in Exposed Murine Skin
An opsin 5-dopamine pathway mediates light-dependent vascular development in the eye
A direct and melanopsin-dependent fetal light response regulates mouse eye development

Healthcare Lighting Design

The Story of the Critical Care Building Neonatal Care Spectral Lighting System

Collaborator’s relevant scientific publications:

Spectral Lighting Simulations: Computing Circadian Light
Measuring Circadian Lighting through High Dynamic Range Photography
Tri-stimulus Color Accuracy in Image-based Sky Models: Simulating the impact of Color Distributions throughout the Sky-Dome on Daylight interiors with Different Orientations