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Skin Keeps Time Independent of the Brain

The study is the first functional demonstration of opsin photoreceptors outside the eye directly controlling circadian rhythms in a mammal. The finding opens doors for using light to accelerate wound healing.  The research conducted in the Lang Laboratory centers...

Can this Discovery Prevent the Need for Eyeglasses?

Myopia affects about 1 in 3 Americans and even more in other parts of the world. A study in PNAS reports that increased exposure to violet light prevents myopia progression in mice. The research conducted in the Lang Laboratory centers around eye development.

A Novel Science Leads to Innovative NICU Design

It has been found that Opsins deep within the brain directly sense specific wavelengths of light that are found in sunlight but not in artificial lights. Coupled with other discoveries about the importance of circadian rhythms to human health led the idea for...

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