History of Healthcare Lighting Design

It’s an ongoing exploration of how light affects human development



Pioneered modern nursing practices, observed and documented the health benefits of sunlight.



Sister Jean Ward observed babies’ skin changed color when the yellow tint of jaundice disappeared exposed to sunlight.

At first, the staff disregarded her but soon confirmed that she was right after they had found bilirubin levels had decreased when exposed to sunlight


photo- therapy

Inspired by the effect of sunlight on infants, Dr. Richard Cremer developed the first photo-therapy using blue fluorescent tubes to mimic sunlight. This procedure is still used today though the colors and lighting have advanced.

Currently, this procedure is still used today though the lighting has advanced


Myopia and Violet Light

At Cincinnati Children’s, Dr. Richard Lang leads a research  team that has shown OPN5 is required for eye development. This may be why preterm infants under conventional artificial lighting develop eye problems

Further research showed a link between lack of indoor violet light and myopia.

Currently, there are 2.5 billion people with myopia. They predict that number will resch 5 billion!


Melatonin Supression

Following the discovery that blue light naturally suppresses melatonin for daytime alertness and metabolism, researchers installed one of the first circadian lighting systems onboard the international space station.

Now Astronauts won’t be jet-lagged


Circadian Clock

Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young received a nobel prize in physiology and medicine for their discovery of molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms from day to night.

Basically how the internal clock and biological rhytms guide human life


The first full spectrum lighting system

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The Science of Light Center

The science of Light Center us founded. It is a multidisciplinary center bringing together designers, engineers, biologist, clinicians and others to connect basic discoveries on light sensing pathways to the practice of medicine and to promote the application of this novel research to benefit patients and the general population

So, how does this research impact newborn babies?